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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

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Critical Thinking in a New Information Age

An eBook to introduce Critical Thinking Skills in the New Information Age that is the Internet.  

About market-wright

Digital Marketing Expert


My name is David Wright, founder of market-Wright, LLC.  I am an independent Internet marketing "therapist," meaning that I am an Internet, digital, interactive, and web marketing strategy consultant who is passionate about bringing the right mix of online media opportunities to help businesses achieve a robust Internet presence that contributes to business success. I am especially interested in helping those who are frustrated by their current Internet marketing efforts.


 I have more than 15-years of experience developing websites and managing multi-million dollar online advertising campaigns for, among many others, fortune 500 companies. I have managed Internet marketing from both the corporate and agency sides. This puts me in a position to provide sound Internet marketing strategy, help manage an in-house digital marketing effort or assess an outside agency's digital advertising performance. As a marketing consultant, my targeted client audience is the mid-sized business without the necessary in-house assets to take advantage of digital marketing to find success on the Internet.  My experiences have taken me across the U.S. and Canada to evangelize digital marketing in front of groups and one-to-one. Aside from my digital marketing career, I have been teaching a critical thinking course at the University of Texas at Dallas for more than 25 years.

Digital Marketing Performance Graph


Having the right online media marketing mix and being able to track return on investment (ROI) performance are the keys to a successful Internet marketing program. Doing it wrongly, can lead to wasted money and business opportunity. For a real-world example, the above graph shows what happens to total website visitors when, for example, the paid search campaign is turned off, turned back on with display advertising and then has display turned off. The traffic lost is proportionally greater than simply the loss of paid search visitors. In other words, the whole of non-paid, paid search and display advertising is greater than the sum of the parts. This shows how easily you can optimized yourself out of performance and potentially lose business by not understanding that it's a mix of media tactics that works. With a 30-60 day sales cycle, is it any wonder why Q1 sales were down? 

Of course, acquiring new website visitors is only the beginning. Ultimate success is dependent on the business model, whether it's having visitors complete forms for lead generation or it's making direct-to-consumer online sales. Asking the right questions  from the beginning helps to nurture success. 

How can I help you with Online Marketing?

Simply, efficiently and honestly, my goal is to be your Internet marketing "therapist" – your source for assets to make online marketing work for your business. My therapy includes:

  • online marketing strategy
  • website design analysis
  • search engine marketing strategy 
  • online media planning and buying 
  • email campaign development 
  • mobile device advertising 
  • social media management
  • performance analysis and analytics
  • agency review and evaluation
  • back-end information technology
  • secure network management